The project was created by the enthusiastic, curious and innovative minds of two Owls: Alberta e Giorgia.  

They started looking for functional and original objects and thanks to their experience as metropolitan moms, they found themselves to choose a number of products that are useful but also beautiful, making both mothers and children happy! 
Design for children and parents: funny objects for the former whilst making life easier for the latter, children that have grown into adults; the object itself has to be useful but it has also to integrate with harmony in ones daily life and spaces.  

The project  splits in two parts: a web shop which was drawn by a young and well known children illustrator and a small showroom in Porta Romana area, in Milan.
The products are the heart of the project: exciting, attractive, useful, environment friendly, colored and safe.
Goods for everyday use that come mostly from abroad, in particular from northern Europe where everything that is connected with the child's world is studied with  particular care.

"We considered ecological furniture that evolves with the child's growth and saves our time and energy.
We found design solutions which are not necessarily expensive and intrusive.
We merged fun and furniture.
We looked for challenging and creative decorations.
We focused on the need of being practical and comfortable.
We looked for emotions in the products.
We thought as mothers not forgetting we are still children inside!"

To know us better read this interview


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