Pendant - Ricci

Pendant - Ricci

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Hanging on an almost invisible thread, graphic shapes hedgehog family is slowly strolling in the air... Above a child's bed or in the living room, it brings a pretty touch of poetry and lightness.The optimum mobility of Flensted mobiles is obtained by very precise balancing and adjustment of rotation axis, which is why each mobile is hand assembled, controlled and packed with meticulousness.

Mobilized Philosophy

"The mobile's life is hanging by a thread

But tells us how to get a peaceful mind.

The goal of life is not to be ahead.

It's rather time to feel how threads are twined"

Chr. Flensted 1973

  • Design cues:

Let's start from this nice furniture that can be placed either on a cot or on the kid bed ordirectly connected to the ceiling to keep it even later.

A series of cushions with animal designs that will learn to know and will love the next years, can be put in the bed (with the sheets also with the animals!) and on the mattress activity together with a tent where it will be sheltered from the two years on. The drawers of the same collection is perfect for mom's early years until it becomes older. In combination you can choose different types of furniture: Wardrobe, desk, shaped wallpaper, night lamp, a main light spot where to put other animals!

  • Dimensions: 34 x 42 cm
  • Material: Serigraphical foil