Seaside Junior Bed classic - Oliver Furniture

Seaside Junior Bed classic - Oliver Furniture

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Oliver Furniture creates wooden furniture for the modern family that is constantly evolving. The company made sure that just a few small changes were needed to make a single bed into a bunk bed, or that it could be converted into a simple, modern sofa.

The products are tested to last for several generations. The style is based on a simple, handcrafted and high quality aesthetic, based on an unmistakable Nordic design.

All Oliver Furniture lines are FSC-certified, which means that they have been proven to come from European crops under sustainable conditions.

Delivery in 6-8 weeks

Designed to meet the needs of the child, ensuring a safe night's sleep, Oliver Furniture has in this case wanted to create the Junior Bed model, a single bed for children who want to feel big.

The expression is very light and simple but solid and safe and can be converted at the same time as the child's development. All the beds in the Wood collection, in fact, can be converted into any other bed in the same collection: loft, bunk or single bed.

This conversion can be done by purchasing special conversion kits, which can be purchased separately.

Junior Bed can be easily transformed into the Bed version through a simple conversion kit: the only difference between the two beds is the length, as the first has a length of 167cm, while the second has a length of 207cm.

When using the Junior Bed, you will have to use the Seaside Mattress - 90 x 160, but when the Junior Bed is transformed into a Bed, just add the Seaside Mattress Extension to the mattress.

Data sheet

Height: 90 cm

Width: 97 cm

Length: 167 / 207 cm

Material: Structure in white lacquered birch. FSC certification, non-toxic paint.

Mattress size (not included): 90 x 160 x 13cm

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