Duvet cover Waterproof

Duvet cover Waterproof

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I am playful (my world is magical), comfortable (made of 100% soft combed cotton jersey) and useful (coated with a waterproof, soundless and breathable PU membrane inside. I stop liquids and I am a barrier against bugs). What am I made from? I am composed of a layer of 100% cotton jersey and a membrane of polyurethane (PU). PU is an organic molecule widely used in the medical world. This is a breathable hydrophilic membrane which allows vapor molecules to pass but not large water molecules. Very well. Furthermore? The fabric is waterproof and is soundless. It breathes, is elastic and extensible, absorbs liquids and provides a cooling effect. Moreover, it helps protect against dust mites, bacteria and viruses. What can I be used for? I can be of assistance during toilet training, when a child is eneuretic or often sick, and if he or she develops an allergy. Louis will from now follow your child in his/her dreams, protect him/her and his/her bed.

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