Pencils kit Moses - Jane Austin

Pencils kit Moses - Jane Austin

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Since its invention several hundred years ago, the pencil has become an integral part of the repertoire of all creatives. Whether for journal entries, notes or drawings, the two hardness grades HB and 2B ensure that the right pencil is there for every purpose. The pencils are in beautiful pastel colors and decorated with filigree elements. Quotes from the writer are also provided, such as "If a book is written well, I always find it too short". Or "We never underestimate the power of a well written letter." Particularly ingenious: front and back The back of the pencils is equipped with a different print. The perfect companion to capture your thoughts in style and unleash your creativity! In addition, a drawing by Jane Austen adorns the pencil box.

Jane Austen is considered the queen of romantic literature. The English writer, who initially wrote anonymously, later made a name for herself with sensitive dramas such as "Pride and Prejudice" and "Emma".

The set contains: 6 pencils with erasers in a box + 2 degrees of hardness: 3 x HB, 3 x 2B