Smiley Games - 5 fun games to play together!
In the practical SMILEY GAMES metal box you will find 48 cards with many different emotions and 2 special nuts in FSC wood, which contain 6 different colors and 6 different smileys respectively. With these cards and these special dice you can do 5 different games, all easy, immediate and fun, but most of all, they are all different from each other. Some of these games stimulate memory, reflexes, and visual perception while other games require tactics, strategy and concentration. There is therefore for all tastes and you can choose whether to always play the same game or follow our advice and make the Smiley Games Tournament, which includes five games one after the other, one with each different game.
With the SMILEY GAMES the only thing that really matters is having fun, and ... winning the best!

Box size: diameter 9.5 cm
Material: cardboard, wood, tin

The content:
36 basic cards, each with a smiley and a color
6 special smiley cards
6 special color cards
1 nut smiley
1 color nut
1 booklet with the introduction, the rules of the 5 games and the SmileyGames Tournament

12.90 €
(+ shipping cost cat. A, 5 euro)

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