natura stagioni alberi

Throw the two dice to get new canopies for your tree, but watch out you might lose some!The first player to complete their tree in one colour wins. .  
The wooden trees, canopies and dice of A game of seasons are made of wood coming from eco-friendly forestry in respect of the natural and social environment 
(100% FSC®). A game of seasons is a safe, eco-friendly game realised with nontoxic paint and made in Italy.
COMPONENTS:  4 wooden trees, bare,
20 coloured wooden canopies (5 for each season),
1 cardboard basket,
2 wooden dice

Number of players: 2 or more
Age: 5 +
Package size: 6,8 x H 18,5 cm

25.00 €
(+ shipping cost cat. A, 5 euro)

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