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City maps designed for children, illustrated with games, museums and sites, 10 things to do. With stickers. Pocket-sized and practical. Italian and English.

Map of Milan ItalyForKids, simplified but real, allows you to navigate to explore the city with a playful and fun approach.

The illustrations by Mattia Cerato recreate the landscape of buildings, trams, fountains, markets, canals, stations, skyscrapers.
The city is inhabited by adults, children and celebrities who make you smile even bigger. There are also animals in the city: horses, fish, frogs and the most attentive will understand why.

The back of the map is a "playground" to entertain the kids: discover the differences, connect the dots, mazes, find the intruder ...

The pack - practical and pocket - also provides adhesives for use on the map itself to customize the experience.

Map - in Italian and English - contains information on favorite museums by children and a selection of 10 things to do to seek adventure even in the streets of a city like Milan.

For example, you can play "Find the Alfa" peering into the palaces of the center, or marvel at the perfect echo between the times of the Mercanti Piazza Loggia.

Lentee, a magnifying glass, and Pun.Tina, pin, are the two main characters of the urban routes designed by Italy For Kids.

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