Joyful, washable, happiest, elegant .... practical! Have it all. Big dots, elegant and easy to combine. In 5 colors: blue, pink ,red, grey and beige. Washable Rugs Lorena Canals 100% cotton. Meets all standards: non-toxic dyes, AIRTEX and ISO 9001/2000 certificates. Remember, this is a hand-made product. Please allow some small differences in measures and colors.

Design cues:
Some elements that can be combined with this carpet for nature lovers:
Bedside cabinet, shaped wall paper, voliere lamp, tipi bookcase, rounded shape cabinet, a round butterfly mat in the space underneath the bed and one in another room space with big pillows and more Small, shaped and not. Desk with chair. On the walls you can put additional decoration elements with stickers.


Washable rug 100% cotton.
It meets all standards: non-toxic dyes
Remember, this is a handmade product. Please allow some small differences in measurements and colors.
Dimensions: Diameter 140 cm

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