Low loft bed – designed to meet the child´s need for secure and safe sleep at night. In the daytime the low loft bed frame the space for imaginary play. The space underneath the bed gives the child the possibility to create a hideout, storage for toys or the best friend can sleep over on a mattress. The height of the bed invites for easy and close intimacy between child and parent.
The design is classic, Nordic and of high quality. The expression is very light and simple yet very solid and safe in the design. The new low loft bed is flexible and can be converted concurrently with the child´s development. The curtains for the low loft bed can be purchased in different designs.

All beds from the Seaside Collection can be converted into any other Seaside bed except the cot by purchasing a conversion kit with extra parts. 

Design cues:
The Futon No. 74 can be positioned in the underlying part to create a soft base to play with, with a light spot created by the star lantern. The Fermliving duvet cover with a warm and colorful tone at the top of the bed that can be kept even for ceiling lighting. If you thought of a wallpaper, the one with the stars can be a solution especially for the wall where the bed is leaning, the others can be painted with the Little Green products. The wardrobe of the same seaside collection can also have a light spot for the night with the light garland placed on one of the two knobs on the side.
To pick up games, the shelf is a solution that can be expanded later.

Material: Birch wood, non-toxic paint.
Dimensions: 207 x 97 x 131 cm
Ladder: 130,5 cm
Mattress (not included): 90 x 200 cm

1,099.00 €
(+ shipping cost cat. F, 48 euro)

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