Here's a contemporary bunk bed, practical and extremely flexible to your needs! With three bunk beds, you will save a lot of space in your children's room. Children will get used to climbing up and down the stairs quickly, studying to be safe: the two beds upstairs have a side shore. At the time of assembly, you can choose where to place the staircase to better fit your spaces. Without screws. Not divisible into multiple beds. Height between beds: 64 cm. Indicative photo, scale protection and bedside tables not included.
Possibility of measurements in length and width on preventive. 15 Different colors.
Made in Belgium. Compliant with European standard EN 747-1.

Design cues:
The space gained thanks to the vertical solution for the beds can be furnished for spaces to be watered together or to have more secluded moments. Depending on the age and space available, you can have one or two Madavin desks, which allow you to sit in two on the same side and also on the opposite side with space below for everyday use material. The cabinets This is dutch give space for each and a very special setting with the various shades of color. A canopy tent with mattresses and pillows creates a place of relaxation and recollection. For books, you can combine the Folie library with Konnex

Dimensions of the structure: 104x209x196 cm - 104x200x196 cm - 94x209x196 - 94x200x196 (mark the notes at the time of order the required measure)
Mattress size (not included): 90x200x14 cm - 90x190x14 cm - 80x200x14 cm - 80x190x14 cm
Material: Solid fir wood

196 90 i bb + n.3 CC
1,565.00 €
(+ shipping cost cat. G, 70 euro)

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