IL CIOCCOLATINO - Chocolate for family

IL CIOCCOLATINO - Chocolate for family

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Relive the moment in which Titina is projected into the fantastic world of cocoa! With COCCIOLATINO, you can relive the experience thanks to a crackling hazelnut filling. On the cap the magnet of Titina and Pigo to hang wherever you want!

The cocciolatino is a praline or chocolate made from a milk chocolate shell, creamy and delicious, rich in Italian milk with little sugar and a high percentage of cocoa. Thanks to this recipe, our milk chocolate has an extraordinary aromatic complexity. The shell encloses a hazelnut filling, which once melted releases a real explosion of taste on the palate, but I'll tell you a secret, the cocciolatino has a crackling effect! Have you ever drank sparkling water? You know those bubbles that tickle the palate? Well.. precisely those bubbles, composed of carbon dioxide, are trapped inside grains of sugar that melt once placed in the mouth, releasing a crackling effect!!

Weight: 100gr

INGREDIENTS: Milk couverture chocolate (cocoa min. 45.9%) cocoa butter, sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, Piedmont IGP hazelnut paste, crackling sugar (sugar, glucose syrup, lactose , carbon dioxide) May contain nuts and gluten.