Pouf - Hannibal The Elephant

Pouf - Hannibal The Elephant

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Soft and adaptable, the Saccotto allows children to abandon and rolling above, while the older ones can use it as a soft chair or relaxing footrest. Dragged, launched, pulled and stretched it favors everyone in full freedom of movement.In the outdoor special edition the fabrics of the outside and the inside covers are water resistant, to completely enjoy your Saccotto in the garden or by the swimming pool, and to don’t care about the rain, humidity, and even the sun.In the Saccotto’s design the choice of colors is very important and is based on the study of the chromatic sensations each animal with its typical characteristics can give.External Removable cover, washable in washing machine, water repellent, two different inner bags (body and head) for filling, removable separately. Filling micro-spheres Polystyren

  • 50x50x50 cm
  • Soft high-strength Polyamide Nylon