Nordic Lines Rug - Lorena Canals

Nordic Lines Rug - Lorena Canals

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Lorena Canals is a Spanish brand that was founded in Barcelona in 1990 and is a leader in children's furniture. An extraordinary family business that over time has specialized in the production of carpets for children's bedrooms.

All products are handcrafted and designed specifically for children, both in the materials (carefully selected raw materials and non-toxic dyes) and in the design which is personally designed by Lorena Canals. The result is beautiful carpets made by hand through a production system responsible for society and the environment, complying with all quality and safety standards, for the well-being and freedom of children and the peace of mind of mum and dad!

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Delicate colors with strong lines that create a very elegant and at the same time imaginative environment, thanks also to the continuation of the lines over the full part. The measures are particularly large and the carpet alone is an important piece of furniture. This rug is made with wool of the finest quality on a 100% cotton base.Hand-made using the ""Hand Tufting"" technique and with natural dyes it is perfect for the children's room, whether it be a baby, girl or boy, and also for the living room, dining room or bedroom. Woolen rugs are thicker and more rigid than cotton rugs, and are gaining ground in international decor circles.

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Width: 170 cm

Length: 240 cm

Material: 65% wool, 35% cotton