woodly   ecological furnitureThis company produces furniture, lamps and furnishing accessories in a zero impact, sustainable fashion. Our research for a correct production led us to using the newest methods and, sometimes, to rediscovering the oldest ones. We use raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable and not toxic. Their philosophy is: Less production waste=less energy waste. their wood processing machineries are last generation, CNC, numerical control ones, that optimize time, work and waste cut. They only utilize zero-formaldehyde, FSC certificated, solid wood or plywood, coming uniquely from forests that are dealt with in a responsible and sustainable way, and eco-compatible materials, without noxious substances or solvents.

Le Civette sul Comò srl - Via V. Salmini, 4 - 20135 Milano - Italy - tel 0039 0245480697 - P.Iva 07333700966