Bamboo plate - Engel

Bamboo plate - Engel

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Lovely little bamboo cake plates, each with its own pattern and colour. We took our inspiration from the circus. The plates have an air of nostalgia and can take you back to the circus of your childhood, your favourite book or mystical dreams.

We turned to paper-cut artist Julie Marabelle for the circus design and the colours. She thought up stripes, garlands and confetti in not quite perfectshapes, which, of course, make them nothing less than perfect for ENGEL!

The plates can be used for hot and cold dishes and are dishwasher safe but can’t go in the microwave. Please note: Our bamboo products are sustainably produced and 100% biodegradable, but they are not unbreakable.

  • Dimensions: diameter 16 cm
  • Material: Bamboo